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OMNI-CRUISE: Universal Motorcycle Throttle Lock







OMNI-CRUISE control is a new concept in easing the stress on riders wrists while not only being universal, it installs in seconds to provide a fully adjustable completely universal cruise control on any bike and only when you need it. That means it isn't using up any valuable grip space when you don't need it, and when you do it is the THINNEST on grip motorcycle cruise control on the market at only a quarter of an inch!

Slip it on to any size grip, on any bike.

Snug the thumb screw.

Go Ride.

When you hit that unavoidable boring stretch of road and your fingers begin to go numb and your wrist is starting to ache... simply lift up on the OMNI-CRUISE control thumb lever with  and it takes the weight of the throttle return off of your wrist.

Pulling the brake lever will LIFT the OMNI-CRUISE turning it off. Rotating the throttle off will LIFT the OMNI-CRUISE turning it off. To decrease the maintained speed simply rotate the throttle off to the speed desired. To increase speed either roll on the throttle then push press down on the OMNI-CRUISE with your finger or press down and roll the throttle at the same time.

It is simple to install, simple to adjust, and simple to use. In seconds the OMNI-CRUISE can adjust to fit anything from a 50cc pocket bike to some of the largest cruiser grips ever put on a bike. Anything from scooters to cruisers, super sport to super naked, and bridges any gaps in between. If it has a throttle and a brake lever... OMNI-CRUISE fits. GUARANTEED*.

The OMNI-CRUISE is manufactured IN HOUSE, in ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA USA... by me. I make them in house so that I can provide them at such a low cost for the amount of machining required while providing the absolute highest quality products for the lowest possible pricing. I take great pride in each and every unit I make, and I am a one man show with no employees to blame mistakes on... talk about supporting a small company. You are supporting my efforts to support American Manufacturing and keeping as many dollars domestic as I possibly can!!!

-Brian Carmicheal

   (owner, designer, manufacturer)









*The Omni Cruise is designed to fit any motorcycle or scooter but there will be exceptions with ANY "Universal" product. The Omni-Cruise requires a minimum of 3 1/4" of clearance from the grip to any objects that may interfere with its operation including hand guards and low mirrors in front of the grip. Many times these interfering objects can be adjusted, but not always. Please measure if there is a risk of interference.







LIKE ANY CRUISE CONTROL, THROTTLE LOCK, OR THROTTLE ASSIST it is designed to ease tension on the riders wrist, and not to enable single handed operation of a cycle. Your right hand is your gateway to speed control and removing your hand completely increases your response time in the event of any unforeseen event (like a rogue suicidal squirrel). Simply put, keeping your hand on the grip increases your chances of living through a bad situation no matter what throttle assist best fits your needs.